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SCOPAC Meetings 2009

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Agenda 11 December 2009


To confirm the minutes of the last meeting held on 15 September 2009 subject to Minute 2.6 being amended to read:

“National Assessment of Flood Risk and Long-Term Investment Strategy

The Environment Agency advised members that the two reports were available electronically and that hyperlinks would be emailed to members.”

Paper A


Report of the Chair of the Research Sub-Group (Sam Cope)

Paper B


Report of the Chairman of the Southern Coastal Group

Paper C

3.1  National Coastal Monitoring Network

Appendix 1

3.2  Proposal for New Training Initiatives

Appendix 2

3.3  SCOPAC Meeting Participation by Members

3.4  SMP Progress

Appx 3.1 (.xls) & Appx 3.2

3.5  Coordination of Medium Term Plan

Appendix 4

3.6  Floods and Waters Act

3.7  The Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009

3.8  Funding Arrangements for Coastal Groups

3.9  Copy of Presentation made by Carol Ward of GOSE to the Southern Coastal Group

Appendix 5 (6Mb)


National Coastal Erosion Risk Mapping Presentation

4.1  To receive a presentation by Alison Baptiste of the Environment Agency

4.2  Officer Response to the Presentation by Chairman of the Southern Coastal Group

4.3  Discussion

Minutes of the meeting on 11 December 2009

Agenda 15 September 2009


To confirm the minutes of the last meeting held on 13 March 2008


Report of the Chairman of the Southern Coastal Group

2.1  Report of the Chairman of the Southern Coastal Group, including:

Appendix 1

2.1.1  SCOPAC Annual Report 2008/09

Appendix 1(i)

2.1.2  End of year audited accounts

Appendix 1 (ii)

2.2  Financial support for the Coastal Groups and funding initiatives

2.3  SCOPAC response to Draft Floods & Water Bill

Appendix 2

2.4  Response to Defra Coastal Change Consultation

Appendix 3

2.5  New UK climate projections 2009

Appendix 4

2.6  National Assessment of Flood Risk & Long-term Investment Strategy

Appendix 5

2.7  Coastal erosion risk mapping – progress report

Appendix 6

2.8  Second generation Shoreline Management Plans – update

Appx 7(i) & Appx 7(ii).xls

2.9  Flood & Coastal Risk Management – External contributions

Appendix 8

2.10  Solent Forum – SOMAP project

2.11  Publications and information dissemination

2.11.1  Non-Technical guide to coastal risk management

Appendix 9

2.11.2  EA – Coastal Groups  ‘Working together leaflet’

Appendix 10

2.11.3  South-East England Map

2.12  Consultation document ‘Development & Coastal Change’

2.13  Marine & Coastal Access Bill update

2.14  South-East Regional study on coastal change adaptation (GOSE)

Appendix 11

2.15  Strategic Monitoring Programme AGM

2.16  Appointment of Chairman of the Southern Coastal Group


Presentation – “Managed realignment: good practice/lessons learned” by Natalie Frost of ABPMer

Minutes of the meeting on 15 September 2009