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About the Study

SCOPAC Committee

Chairperson Councillor Mrs M Penfold MBE, West Dorset District Council.

Vice-Chair Councillor Jackie Branson, Havant Borough Council.

Technical assistance provided to Councillors by Mr Lyall Cairns (Southern Coastal Group Chair) and Dr Samantha Cope (SCOPAC Research Chair).

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Map Design, Symbols & Reliability

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The STS 2012 update

The 2012 update of the SCOPAC Sediment Transport Study (STS) was funded by the Environment Agency under FDGiA, grant number LDW 41230, with additional contributions from SCOPAC.  

It is referenced as: New Forest District Council (2017). 2012 Update of Carter, D., Bray, M., & Hooke, J., 2004 SCOPAC Sediment Transport Study,

Sediment Transport Study 2012


North West Isle of Wight

The Needles to East Cowes

Sediment Transport Map

The map below illustrates sediment type, direction, volume, transport mechanism and reliability of information.

The arrows on the map, when clicked, will take you through to supporting information. The supporting information is based on a review of literature from the SCOPAC Bibliographic Database and Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme data analysis up to December 2012.

The available photographs are represented by red, numbered dots which, when clicked, will take you through to the appropriate image, with detailed description, in the gallery.

Download the map as a pdf LITERATURE REVIEW PHOTOS MAP E5 E6 E6 E6 E7 E7 E8 E9 E9 E9 E10 E10 E11 E11 E12 FL2 FL2 F4 LT14 EO4 LT13 LT13 O1 LT12 O1 F4 LT12 LT11 LT11 F4 F3 LT10 LT10 EO3 FL2 O1 F4 LT10 LT9 LT8 LT7 F4 EO2 FL2 LT6 LT5 LT4 LT4 LT4 F2 Photo 1 Photo 5 Photo 3 Photo 10 Photo 4 Photo 2 Photo 15 Photo 6 Photo 11 Photo 8 Photo 12 Photo 9 Photo 7 Photo 13 Photo 14


Start Point to Berry Head


Berry Head to Hope's Nose (Tor Bay)


Hope's Nose, Torquay to Holcombe


Holcombe to Straight Point (including Exe Estuary)


Straight Point to Otterton Ledge


Otterton Ledge to Beer Head  


Beer Head to Lyme Regis


Lyme Regis to West Bay


West Bay to Portland Bill  


Isle of Portland and Weymouth Bay  


Redcliff Point to Durlston Head (Purbeck)  


Durlston Head to Handfast Point


Handfast Point to South Haven Point (Studland Bay)  


Poole Harbour


Poole Harbour Entrance to Hengistbury Head (Poole Bay)


Hengistbury Head to Hurst Spit (Christchurch Bay)

Quaternary History of the Solent


Hurst Spit to Calshot Spit (Western Solent Mainland)  


Southampton Water  


River Hamble to Portsmouth Harbour Entrance  


Portsmouth, Langstone and Chichester Harbours  


Portsmouth Harbour Entrance to Chichester Harbour Entrance


North West Isle of Wight


North East Isle of Wight


South West Isle of Wight  


South East Isle of Wight  


East Head to Pagham, West Sussex


Pagham to Littlehampton


Littlehampton to Shoreham-by-Sea  


Shoreham-By-Sea to Newhaven  


Newhaven to Beachy Head  

Introduction & Acknowledgements


Map Design, Symbols & Reliability

User Guide